Privacy Compliance Tool

Our Privacy Compliance Tool

An enterprise solution for California’s new law

  • We have designed the Privacy Compliance Tool, known as “PCT” to meet the new regulatory requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).
  • Companies that do not comply will face prosecution by California’s Attorney General and potential consumer lawsuits.
  • Most businesses are not currently equipped to handle these requirements, generated from consumer requests and prompted by privacy advocates and the plaintiff’s bar.
  • The PCT will be one of the first products to come to market designed for easy integration with the existing customer data sets that contain personal information.
  • Our company is uniquely situated both to navigate legal requirements and to design a product to meet business needs with scalability and easy integration with existing systems.

Problems Solved By The PCT

We are proud of being at the front of our industry

  • Identification of data
  • Integration with common data models
  • Logging consumer requests
  • Recording status of consumer requests
  • Instructing companies on how to meet the four types of requests outlined in the CCPA
  • Providing evidence of CCPA compliance

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